From the recording A Whisper in the Wind


GRATEFUL FOR YOU © Savannah Philyaw

You’re the essence of adventure,
A perfect fitting glove
A mirror image of a person
I hope I become

You’re generous and humble
And guided by your heart
A symphony, a masterpiece
A priceless work of art

You make it all so easy
You help me see my dreams
The stars aligned
Led your ship to mine
I’m grateful for you
I’m grateful for you

You deserve all that you hope for
Surprises at your door
The lottery, a front row seat
Compliments and more

You remind me of the kindness
That we all could give
A stand up example of
How we all should live

[Repeat Chorus]

Part of me knows I chose this lifetime because I knew
I just might find the chance to walk here with you

[Repeat Chorus]