Animations By Savannah Philyaw

In addition to being a singer, songwriter, and visual artist, I am also an animator! 

Here is a taste of my animation work:

Halfway by Alex Woodard


An animated music video based on Alex Woodard's new book, "Living Halfway" which is now available on Amazon as a #1 New Release.

The Gingerbread Man by Jack Tempchin


Watch The Gingerbread Man come to life and travel the world in this story song by legacy songwriter, Jack Tempchin. 

Call it Compromise by Savannah Philyaw (Ft. Tolan Shaw)


This song and video was inspired by the give and take in relationships that we experience in our lives. And how ultimately, in the end, the love that is shared between people is worth more than all the little stuff.

Scotland by Savannah Philyaw


This animation is inspired by an imaginary love story that played out in my mind as I was traveling through Edinburgh and fell in love with someone reading on a bench.