1. Too Damn Long

From the recording A Whisper in the Wind

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TOO DAMN LONG © Savannah Philyaw

I’m awake
It’s too early in the morning
And the moonlight’s still asleep
And I have my coffee as I always do
But, you used to be here next to me

There’s the couch
Where we’d snuggle in the daylight
And you'd brush back my hair
Now I've got me cornered in the kitchen chair
‘Cause I couldn’t stand to be over there

I've been seeing lots of places
That I would rather see with you

I guess it’s time to patch these holes up on the walls
And give away the hope my heart’s been holding
Catch these dreams above my bed
Take a shovel to the yard and bury the rest
‘Cause you've been living in my head not paying rent
For too damn long

Your favorite shirt
You left it on the bookcase where
You were gonna keep your things
I haven't moved it, I haven't touched it
Maybe one day you’ll miss it and you’ll think of me

I’ve been making lots of plans
That I would rather make with you


There’s the cards
We played in the evenings
And the puzzle that we lost the piece to
Hoping one day we’d find it
Under the couch, under the bed, under all the words we said