From the recording A Whisper in the Wind

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SOMEHOW YOU WERE THERE FOR ME © Savannah Philyaw & Jack Tempchin

This nest was made for 2
We built it me and you
Out of what we found
From the leaves up in the trees
And the branches at our feet
Things we saw just looking around

I saw you back in June
Flying cross the moon
You were an amazing sight
You were singing in the tree
I knew you were for me
Sang your magic song all night

Getting ready for the spring
And all that love will bring
All seems like it’s meant to be now
Meant to be
Like a dream come true
Somehow I found you
And somehow you were there for me
Somehow you were there for me
For me

Fairytales come true
Every song’s for you
Something big is on it’s way
I know rain or shine
You will still be mine
And I will love you night and day

Suddenly it’s clear
I wanna be up here
With you for the rest of my days
Forever in the clouds
There’s no looking down
Life can really be this way

Chorus x2