1. Go Alone

From the recording A Whisper in the Wind

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GO ALONE © Savannah Philyaw

A keeper in the stars is guiding me
To where my time should be
The canyon and the silence are speaking
But, I ain’t been listening

Stop these echoes in my head
That point me where I ought to go
There’s a whisper in the wind that knows

I got to go alone
On my own
Take my road
Wander with my shadow
Got to go alone, alone, alone
Trust the compass in my bones

I’m searching for the start, lost in the dark
Arms out ahead, but I’m still missing the mark
Looking to the skyline for a sign
Doubt’s become a loyal friend of mine

I gotta grant this wish inside my head
To find the map I want to follow
There’s a whisper in the wind that knows

[Repeat Chorus]

Been walking with these shackles on my feet
I can’t unlock the treasure with a counterfeit key
I’ll toss it to sea, then I will

[Repeat Chorus x2]