Crystal Bowersox & Savannah Philyaw

Lestat's West Music Venue, 3343 Adams Ave., San Diego, CA

General Admission Online $20.00 At the door tickets $25.00

General admission doors open 7:30 Show starts at 8:00 PM Kelly Hoppenjans 8:30 PM Savannah Philyaw 9:00 PM Crystal Bowersox

Show starts at 8:00 PM Doors open 7:30 PM

Crystal Bowersox, a northwest Ohio native currently calling Nashville home, has built her life around music. Crystals love for music developed at an early age from a need to find peace in a chaotic world. Through art and creation, Crystal was able to direct her energy and emotion, finding a way to mend a mind in turmoil. For her, music was always the most effective form of catharsis, and she would play for anyone, anywhere. In her own words, my guitar was an appendage. I couldnt live without it.

Dead set on a career in music, Crystal moved to Chicago as a teenager, where she spent her days performing underground on subway platforms in between working odd jobs. While in the big city, she broadened her musical horizons and shared her talents with a variety of venues, ultimately auditioning for the ninth season of American Idol.